Latest Updates: on May 16, on May 30.


Added New Service Orders from Requisitions Document Type

We have added a new document type, Service Order from Requisitions, so you can further automate and enhance your business processes when working with Precoro.

To create a new Service Order from the Purchase Requisition, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Purchase Order management page and click the SO from the Requisitions button on top.

2. Select the supplier and add the necessary items to the SO document if needed.

You can see all available PRs displayed that have Non-Inventory and Service items. The items with the Inventory type are not displayed for selection when creating a Service Order from PR.

Also, please note that you cannot create a Service Order for the item lines from PR if the Purchase Order has already been created for them.

3. Check the document and fill out the details.

Important to note:

  • You can only create a single Service Order for one item line from PR, even if the Service Order is only created for a part of the amount of the PR item line.
  • By default, the Service Period will be set from the Creation to Delivery Date from PR. You will have the ability to edit this field.

You can keep track of the created Service Order from Requisitions by the corresponding Type filter:

Ability to Change Currency in Invoices

After the creation and document approval, you might need to change the currency in an Invoice for a variety of reasons:

  • When creating the document, mistakes were made in the currency field.
  • It is unclear yet which currency the transaction should be made with initially, and you will need to update it.
  • It is necessary to replace the supplier, which entails a change of currency.

In all those cases described above, you can proceed and replace the currency in the existing document instead of canceling the current one and creating a new one.

Please proceed to the Currency Change in Invoices article in the Knowledge Base to find information regarding the currency change in Standard and Repeated Invoices, as well as those created from PO, BPO, SO, and PO from PR. You will learn how and in which cases you can change the currency and what it will lead to.

Added the Receipt to Purchase Order Matching Functionality

To verify the procurement accuracy, the Precoro system can now match both Invoices and Receipts against Purchase Orders and highlight serious discrepancies if there are any. It is done via the Matching and Tolerance Rate features.

Please note that Precoro only automatically matches Invoices, to match the Receipts, you have to additionally activate that functionality in Basic Settings.

If you want to match Receipt documents with Purchase Orders, you must first activate this setting in Configuration → Basic Settings → Documents Setup → Receipts → Match with Purchase Order.

All the Matching rules and cases of its triggering are detailed in the Matching Process and Tolerance Rate articles.

Here is an example of the Receipt-to-PO Matching process when an item quantity was increased so it exceeds the quantity in the related PO:

Added New Show Invoice Attachments When Creating Receipts Functionality

We have added the ability to see attachments from the related Invoice when creating Receipts. This functionality will help users conveniently verify the information from the Invoice and receive precisely what they need.

This functionality is available for users with:

  • Receipt Create and any PO or Invoice roles (View, Create, or Approve).
  • Receipt Create and Super User role.

To activate the setting, please go to Configuration → Basic Settings → Documents Setup → Receipts → Show Invoice attachments when creating Receipts.

On the Receipt creation page, you will be able to see the Invoice attachments:

Added Service Order Document Type to the Custom Forms

Now, you can create Custom Forms for the Service Order type of document as well.

Please proceed to this Knowledge Base article to learn more about the Document Custom Forms functionality in Precoro.

To create a new form for the Service Order, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Custom Form Settings tab in Configurations and click the New Custom Form button.

2. Enter the Name of the form, and in the Custom Form Type field, select the Service Order document from the drop-down list.

3. Adjust the fields and their dependencies for the form as needed, then click the Create button at the top right corner.

Please note that all the rules for the required fields are inherent to the Standard PO type.

In the Service Order, we have the Service Period field instead of Delivery Date. This is a required field and it cannot be edited. But you can set the Certain Field is Completed dependency for it.

Now, you can proceed to create new Service Orders using the new form:

Added the Ability to Deactivate Standard Document Forms

This new feature will be useful for those who are utilizing the Document Custom Forms functionality in Precoro. Now, you can deactivate Standard Documents if you do not need them or you wish your users would not be able to use those options:

If you want to deactivate certain Standard Document options, please contact our Support Team who will gladly help you with that task.

Improved the Item Import/Update Process

We have improved and simplified processes of Importing/Updating items to the Catalog, as of now:

  • You will see the imported unmatched fields highlighted in blue on the preview page.

Please note that the blue highlight will only affect the unrequired fields. The required ones are highlighted in red if there are any issues with them, this current logic is not changing.

  • Items with unmatched fields will be displayed at the top of the imported item’s list. That way, they will stand out more, and you can find and process them faster.

Simplified User Management for Single Company Accounts

For the single-company accounts, we have removed the sidebar display on the right with a list of available companies. Now, there are the following toggles on the page:

  • User is Inactive — shows the user is not active in the company with the red light.
  • User is Active — shows the user is active in the company with the green light.

Also, please note that the procedure for deactivating a user in the company has not changed. If the user had any documents in Draft status, they will be deleted and you will need to select the substitute for revisions and matching actions instead of the deactivated user.

Added the Ability to Save Filters and Schedule Reports for the Budget vs. Actual

In the system’s Budget vs. Actual report, you can now save the configured filters and schedule reports.

Please see the detailed instructions in this article on how to schedule report export to Google Sheets.

Added the Ability to Manage the One-Time Login Link

Now, you can manage the sign-in parameter for your users with a One-Time Login Link.

By default, all the users have this option available and you can manage access to it on the Account Settings page:

Integration Updates

We have added several improvements that will make your work with integrations even more convenient:

Automatic Item Mapping When Importing from QuickBooks

We have added the automatic item mapping process when you are making an import from QuickBooks. The mapping rules will work as follows:

If the SKU is activated in the company

  • Mapping will occur if there is an item with the same Name, SKU, and Supplier.
In case you already have an item with the same SKU and supplier even if the Name differs, you will see an error warning you about this duplicate.

If the SKU is inactive in the company

  • Mapping will occur if there is an item with the same Name and Supplier.

Only Payers Can Send Documents to QuickBooks Feature

We have added a new feature that allows only those users who have the Payer roles in Precoro to send documents to QuickBooks. It will work if the Approved Invoices are selected as integration options in the document types.

To activate this feature, please contact our Support Team, who will enable the settings for you.

Please note that this option will not be available if you have activated the pending documents feature or selected the Purchase Order type of document to be integrated.

Added the Status of the Integration in the Document

Now, you can see the status of sending a document to the integrated partner Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite displayed in the document itself in the Status field.

OCR Improvements

We have added several improvements that will make your work with the OCR feature even more convenient:

Updated the Invoice from PO in the AP Inbox Page

We are thrilled to share the updated Invoice from the PO version on the AP Inbox creation page with you. The improvements include:

  • Added both fast and advanced filters that will simplify and expedite the search for needed documents.
  • Ability to match items with the ones in the related PO.
  • A more user-friendly flow of adding items from the PO.

Please note that the new improvements are still in the BETA testing phase, and more enhancements are already planned and will be added in the future.

If you want to use the updated version of the page, please contact our Support Team, who will aid you with this.

Also, if you have activated the Invoice as a single-line functionality for your Supplier, you will not be able to match the items on the Invoice editing page.

Added the Infocards and Mass Actions to the AP Inbox Page

Now, you can manage your documents more efficiently with the infocard filters and the mass action buttons on the AP Inbox page.

The new infocards are:

  • Draft — filters all the documents with the Draft status. The available mass action for the filtered results is Delete.
  • Canceled — filters all the documents with the Canceled status. The available mass actions for the filtered results are Delete and Upload for rescanning, which will send all the selected attachments for repeated scanning.

Optimized Document Management in AP Inbox With New Filters

Optimized the document management in AP Inbox by adding new filtration fields:

  • Purchase Order/Custom #
  • Supplier Invoice #
  • Due Date
  • Delivery Date
  • Issue Date

Improved the Document’s Total Processing

Now, suppose the OCR provider does not recognize the Item Name in the document. In that case, Precoro will automatically create a system item Invoice {file name} and enter the price recognized by the OCR. Thus, even if the Name was not added, you will still see the Total amount displayed.

This functionality does not apply to invoices with a single line setting turned on.

Also, please note that if both the Name and Price are not recognized by the OCR provider, then such items will not be added.

Improved the Discount Processing

We have optimized the process of applying discounts to the document. Now, if your company had the discounts feature turned off in the settings, the OCR will still transfer the discount amount to the document during recognition, and the system will add the discount as a separate item line.

This functionality does not apply to invoices with a single line setting turned on.

Automated the Identified Supplier Filling Out Process

We have simplified the process of updating supplier information in AP Inbox documents, particularly when the identified supplier for the document gets changed, and there are other documents in the Draft status with the same supplier name.

Please note that the Supplier column must be recognized and filled out to apply the functionality.

For example, if you upload ten documents and Precoro does not find a match among the existing ones, thus you manually select the needed one. In this case, the supplier can be automatically replaced with the one you have selected in the remaining nine documents. To make the change, you will need to confirm your action in the pop-up flash.

Also, you can automatically change the OCR-recognized supplier in multiple documents at once if needed for another one.