How to Work with Budgets and Total Amounts in Service Orders


Document Total Amounts

In items, there are no Quantity and Price fields. You can edit the Net Total field. The Gross Total of the document is calculated in the following way: Net Total - Discount% + Tax%.

The Net Total of each item line must be greater than 0. Otherwise, you will not be able to confirm the document.

Please note that entering negative values in Service Orders is not allowed.

How to Add and Manage Budget in a Service Order

When creating a Service Order, you can add it to the Budget and set a Budget Breakdown function.

Please find more information about the Budget Breakdown function by following this link.

Budget periods in the breakdown will be displayed according to the dates selected in the Service Period.

The document is created for the amount-based sum. Receipts and Invoices are amount-based as well. Those related documents also do not have the Quantity field, only the sum.

The created document, after confirmation, will be included in the selected Budget. You can also edit the Budget if needed. To do that, click the Edit Service Order button on the right action panel, choose another one, and press Save.

With activated Budget Breakdown, you will be able to see and manually Edit the sums in specific periods when the document is on Draft, Pending, In Revision, or Approved statuses.

You cannot edit the Budget Breakdown sums with a document on Matching status. You have to approve the changes first.

By default, in the Budget Breakdown, the entered sum of the item is equally divided between the periods. You can manually change the amounts in periods as long as they do not exceed the total deducted sum. 

For example, the total deducted sum of the item line is 102.50, and it has been equally divided between the two periods for 51.25 a period. You can manually change the amount for the first period to 2.50 and pay the rest 100 in the second period. Please see the video below to learn more.

Changing Service And Budget Periods

You can Revise the document and, if needed, change the Service Period span. This will allow you to:

  • Add supplementary budget periods to the Service Order.

Please note that for the newly added periods, the item sum will not be automatically redistributed among them. Those periods will have 0 in amounts.

You can edit the Budget Breakdown and redistribute the needed amounts manually for each item line.

  • Reduce the number of budget periods in the Service Order.

Please note that if you have deleted some periods, the item sum will be automatically redistributed in equal parts throughout the remaining periods. 

You can still edit the Budget Breakdown and redistribute the amounts manually for each item line as needed.