How to Update the Existing Approval Workflow

You can build and edit your company Approval Workflow for any document in Precoro. Learn more about how to set up and build a new workflow in this article.


In the existing Workflows, you can edit the following:

  • The Users (their roles and accesses). You can add new, delete, and edit current users.
  • The Steps (Name and type of approval).

To make the updates, open the needed document Approval Workflow on the corresponding page.

Please note: Changes to the existing Approval Workflow will not affect the already approved steps. They will apply to the newly created ones and those still pending.

In Pending documents, the already approved steps will not be affected, but those that were pending and not completed will be impacted.

For example, you can add a new approver to the Workflow, and that new step will be added to the pending documents:

Please note that although you can add new approvers, you cannot delete them or revoke access to the fields that are currently used in Pending documents and require approval from those users:

To add a new Approver to the existing workflow, first, make sure that the user has the needed Approver Role for that document and the needed access to Locations and Item/Document Custom Fields. More on working with Roles in Precoro can be found here.

Then, click the person icon on the step and start the setting process. More information on adding the new Approver can be found here.

To edit the existing Approver,
 click on the Edit icon in the Approver window to enter the necessary changes and then press Update to save them. You can also track all the changes with the Revision History function.

To add new Steps to the existing workflow, click the Create new Step button enter the Name of the Step, and press Yes to save.

To edit the existing Steps,
 press the Edit icon, and you will be able to enter the new Name and select the parallel approval type if necessary. More on the parallel and sequential approval can be read here.

You can also delete the created Steps, but only when there are no active Approvers. So, first, you would need to delete the approvers and then the step itself.

How to Revoke Locations for Users in Approval Workflow

You can edit access to Locations for users in the Approval Workflow. When you remove the Location access on the User Management page, it automatically disappears from the Approver availability.

    • If a Pending document was on its last Approval Step and the responsible person was the one whose access was revoked or edited, the document will be sent for re-approval.
    • Already Approved documents will not be affected.
    • If you have other approvers on the current Step (where there was the approver with revoked or edited access) with the same access to the needed Location, the re-approval will not get triggered.