How to Update Items in Bulk

If you need to make adjustments to many items from your Item Management section, you do not have to edit items one by one.

You can do a mass update of your items using the Update Items button on the Item Management page.

To update items in bulk, please follow this instruction:

1. Download a template.

You can download the file by the specific Category or Supplier, or download the whole list of items. To do this, do not select any of the Categories/Suppliers, just hit the Download button.

In case you have deactivated the Supplier but would still like to use their items, you do not need to create duplicates as the items will still be available in the Update Items template. The deactivated Supplier in the list will be marked inactive.

2. Open the file and make the necessary changes.

3. Save the file and upload it back into Precoro. 

Uploading the file back into the system takes the following two steps:

1. Columns Matching

At this stage, all the columns are preselected, except for the Item Custom Fields

If you have set any Item Custom Fields, you will need to map the columns manually by selecting the necessary option.

Please make sure to choose the Name option (not the Code), especially if your Precoro account is integrated with QuickBooks because Precoro maps columns by the Item Custom Fields Names.

2. Review

In this step, you can review if the info is pulled up correctly and if nothing is missing. Once you are ready, click the Import button on the top or at the bottom of the page.

Once done, all the changes will be displayed in the Item Management list.