How to Track a Purchase Requisition

A Purchase Requisition is a document submitted by an employee to request the purchase of goods or services on behalf of the company. These purchases may be for business operations, inventory, or to manufacture supplies for sale. Submitting a purchase requisition form sets off the purchasing process.

To learn more about how to create a Purchase Requisition, follow this link.


Track Purchase Requisitions using Statuses and Roles

All operations with Purchase Requisitions can be tracked by status. The PR document has 7 statuses:

  1. Draft Purchase Request was created but not submitted yet. The initiator is still working on it.
  2. Pending — the document was submitted and is waiting for approval from the authorized user. 
  3. Approved — all responsible users have approved the Purchase Requisition.
  4. Completed there is a completed Purchase Order/Orders for all requested items, or PR is manually marked as completed.
  5. Rejected — the document or all items were rejected at the PR approval stage or Purchase Order creation stage.
  6. In Revision — a reviewer (either the Purchase Requisition’s initiator or approver) is editing the document, adding or removing items.
  7. Canceled — the initiator/approver revoked the whole document after it was approved.

Each user can have a role relevant to their task. There are 3 roles: 

  1. Viewer — grants document viewing rights without editing or approving options. 
  2. Creator — allows document creation and editing. 
  3. Approver — allows approving the documents created by other users.

To learn more about how to work with users and roles in PR documents, read this article

Precoro will also notify you about important document changes with emails.

Purchase Requisition requesters will receive a notification letter when somebody creates a Receipt document for the requested items.

The process works as follows:

Requester creates a Purchase Requisition → responsible person creates a Purchase Order from that Requisition → Receipt document for the items is created → Purchase Requisition requester receives a notification to their inbox.

Important to note:

  • If a user has created a Receipt and added items from different PRs to it, then all the PR Requesters will receive email notifications.
  • If at least one item from PR is received or partially received, the requesters will be notified whenever Receipts are created for them.

Track Purchase Requisitions using Filters

To expedite and optimize searches you can utilize the advanced or fast set of filters available on every list of documents page.

Fast filters on the panel above the document’s list will help you get the needed results quickly wheras advanced filters will allow to go through the search more in depth.

Find more useful information on how to set and use filters in Precoro here.

You can follow these examples and track:

  • Requests that have not been ordered yet.

Status: Approved + Waiting for the PO creation: Yes

  • Approved Requests waiting for delivery.

Status: Approved + Waiting for the PO creation: No

You can filter documents by the Item and Document Custom Fields. To learn more about this filtering, consider this article.

Track the changes with Revision History

Use the Revision History button to track all changes made in the document. Select two document versions to compare them.

You can see all attachment alterations in Revision History.