How to Set Up and Test Punch-In with Amazon


Use Cases

  • Most popular: You want to select either to place a PO on Amazon in Precoro with approval or without approval.
    You need to have groups on Amazon: one for direct purchases on Amazon and one for Punch-in. When placing a PO, you will be able to select one of these groups. You need to complete all the steps from this article to set up your Amazon account for this case.

  • Most restricted: You want to proceed with approval in Precoro for all the purchases made on Amazon.
    Skip the next step and start setting up your Purchasing System for this use case.

    How to Set Up Amazon Punch-In:

    First of all, you need to have an Amazon Business account on Amazon.

    1. Create a Punch-In group within your Amazon Business account


    2. Set up your Purchasing system

    Save these credentials to a spreadsheet*. Then, send these credentials to your customer success manager.

    *Here, you can copy a spreadsheet template and fill it in.

    Please note that you need to set up Purchasing system inside the Punch-In group.



    3. Add your address and credentials to Precoro

    • Add the same addresses to Precoro as you have on Amazon.


    • Open the Amazon configuration page and add your credentials.
    • Select Amazon as a supplier or create a new supplier if you don't have one.
    • Select the default Location and Legal Entity for your Amazon orders.

    4. Add users to your Punch-In group

    • Open your group and press People.
    • Press Add people, insert emails and select Punchout buyer.
      *Please make sure you've not selected the Requisitioner role – this role allows you to skip the punch-in process.

    If you do not see the 'Punchout buyer' role, you need to check if you are inside the Punch-In group.




    Now the settings are done. Your Punch-In settings are in test mode, and you're ready to place a test PO.

    5. Place your test Purchase Order

    • Add any item to your basket and click Proceed to checkout.
    • Confirm all the steps till the last one, Place an order. On the last step, you'll see This order requires approval, and it means that your PO will be sent for approval in Precoro.
    • Submit your PO, and you will be redirected to Precoro.
    • In Precoro, you need to select the required fields: department, budget, location, and chart of accounts. Once done, click Confirm, and if you have approval, your PO will go through the approval process and then be confirmed on Amazon. If not, it will automatically be approved on Amazon and canceled in a few hours because of testing.
    • You can cancel your PO in Precoro once canceled on Amazon.

    6. Send your credentials to your customer success manager at Precoro

    • The Precoro team will check if all settings are correct on Amazon and Precoro.
    • If necessary, we’ll schedule a training with you.

    7. Once done with testing, you can switch to active mode