How to Set Up Document Custom Fields (Departments/Projects)

This article will help you set up Document Custom Fields specifically for Departments or Projects.

Document Custom Fields are assigned to users and documents and are usually a list of Departments/Projects or other custom fields used in your documents, budgets, approvals, and access limitations. For example, you can use Document Custom Fields to track your spending by Department or project.

To set up Document Custom Fields for Departments/Projects, please follow these steps:

1. Identify all of your Departments/Projects.

2. Consider who will be responsible for procurement for each Department/Project.

3. Add/check users involved. Make sure there are responsible users for all Departments/Projects.

Note: It would be helpful to have at least one user responsible for each Department/Project.

4. Add Departments/Projects in Precoro.

5. Define user access to these Departments/Projects.

To create Departments/Projects, do the following:

1. Navigate to the left side of the menu and choose Configuration → Document Custom Fields

2. Press the Add button to create a new Document Custom Field.

3. Name your DCF, adjust the Basic Settings, and specify the availability for the documents. You can optionally enter a Description as well.

The type of DCF should be set as a Drop-down list.

4. Configure Basic Settings for this Custom Field.

5. Select modules in which this Document Custom Field should be used by checking the boxes in the Available to select in section.

6. Add all necessary options. Options are the names and codes of separate Departments/Projects. You can add up to 5 sub-levels to every option if you utilize a hierarchical tree (sub-departments). Codes are not mandatory.

Please note: You can add options using the +Add Option button, or using the bulk Import Options feature. Please check this article on how to import options to your Documents Сustom Fields.

7. Click on Update to save changes.

To define user access to the Departments/Projects, go through the following steps:

  • After adding all the Departments/Projects and enabling them for chosen documents/budgets/approval workflow, navigate to the User Management page.
  • Now, set it up for each separate user.

How does it work?

When a user creates documents, Precoro requires them to select a Department (as configured), and as a result, only the list of available Departments to which the users have access will be shown.