How to Send a Purchase Order to a Supplier Manually or Automatically


How to Send a Purchase Order to a Supplier Manually

  1. Go to the Purchase Order page → choose the required Purchase Order from the list. You can also filter Purchase Orders by their sending statuses (in this case, choose not sent purchase orders).

  2. Check the info and click the Send to Supplier button.

  3. The Supplier’s email must appear automatically (as you previously added it in the Supplier Management). If the supplier’s email was not previously added, you need to add it to this form. Then click Confirm, and the email with the PO will be sent to the Supplier.

  4. You can check the Supplier’s email activity with the statuses listed below. 
You can send a PO document to several addresses at once. Regardless of the recipient number, you will see a status for each email sent to the Supplier.
  • Not sent — you have not sent the Purchase Order yet.
  • Sent — the Purchase Order is sent but not received.
  • Email is received — the Supplier received your email.
  • Opened — the Supplier opened the letter.
  • Failed — the email did not reach the recipient for one of the possible reasons:
    • The letter was sent, but the server rejected it.
    • The inbox does not exist.
    • Any other unexpected error that prevented the email from reaching the recipient.
We have added the informational tip. If the letter fails to reach the recipient, we will include the possible reasons for that in the "i" icon next to the status.

Below, you can find an example of an email your Supplier will receive.

The note you added for the Supplier is displayed, and your contact details are added as well. In the attachment, your Supplier can find a Purchase Order document available for download.

How to Automate the Process to Avoid Manual Sending of Purchase Orders

Go to the Supplier Management page, add the contacts of all of your suppliers, and activate the PO Automatic sending toggle. 

You may choose a standard file format to be sent to suppliers.

Go to the Purchase Orders tab in ConfigurationBasic SettingsDocuments Setup and choose the needed file format. It can be either PDF or XLSX.

How to Select the PO Documents That Will Not Be Sent to Suppliers

You can separate the Purchase Order documents that you would like to send to Suppliers or not.

This feature is only available if you have previously activated it in the Configuration Basic SettingsDocument SetupPurchase OrdersSend to the Supplier check box.


How this works

When creating a new PO document, you can now select whether you would like it to be sent to the Supplier or not:

  1. In Supplier Management choose the Supplier, and select the necessary option in the Send PO to Supplier field.

Please note that the “Yes” option is chosen in the Send PO to Supplier field by default.

2. If you do not wish to send the PO document to the Supplier automatically after the Confirmation and Approval, select the “No” option.

In that case, you will NOT see the following:

  • Send to Supplier button on the PO page
  • Not sent status
  • Documents listed in the “Send to Supplier” info card.

How to resolve the already existing number of POs in the “Send to Supplier” info card

    1. When pressing on the “Send to Supplier” info card, you will see boxes next to the documents.
    2. Check the necessary documents, and you will see the Do not Send to Supplier button.
    3. After selecting the needed documents and pressing the Do not send to Supplier button, you will see the following information:
    • The number of POs in the “Send to Supplier” info card will decrease.
    • There will be no Send to Supplier button or Not Sent status on the PO view page.
    • When editing the PO in the Send PO to Supplier field, the “No” option will be selected automatically.