How to Manage a Warehouse

Warehouse management in Precoro includes:

  1. Adding and Updating the Stock Balance
  2. Creating Stock Transfers
  3. Completing the Stock Transfers.


How to Add a Stock Balance?

1. Select a Warehouse and press Add Stock Balance.

2. Follow the next tips:

  • If you need to get all Inventory items, hit the Download button,

  • Alternatively, select the category or the supplier and download the template to get only certain items.

  • Fill out the file with a stock balance. Please note that you need to fill out only the NEW AMOUNTS column with the number of products/items you have in stock.  

  • Upload the file back to Precoro.

Now the stock balance is added to your warehouse.

How to Update Stock Balances in Bulk

You should revise the stock balance and update it regularly.

1. Choose a warehouse and press Update Stock Balance.

2. Follow the next tips:
  • Download the file with your current stock balance.

  • Update the NEW AMOUNTS column values to show the correct number of items in stock.

  • Save the file and upload it back to Precoro.

How to Update a Stock Balance Manually

You can update items details in stock balances without downloading the templates. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit button.
  2. Enter the new quantity. The total sum will be updated automatically. You can also add taxes if needed.
  3. Press the Save button. The update will also be displayed in the Stock Taking History.

How to Complete Stock Transfers for Non-Catalog Items

If you have a “Not Completed Stock Transfers” info-card in the Inventory module, it means that you ordered a non-catalog item and you posted it to the warehouse on the Receipt creation stage. Non-catalog items can not be posted to the warehouse. 

There are two ways to proceed with such items:

1. If you do not want to add the stock balance for the non-catalog item, or if it was posted to the warehouse by mistake:

  • Press the “Not Completed Stock Transfers” info card

  • Press Remove

2. If you want to add the stock balance for the non-catalog item:

  • Go back to the Inventory module“Not Completed Stock Transfers” info card → press Add Item and match it with a catalog item.

Once it matches, you will find that item in your warehouse list.