How to Integrate Document Numbers (PO #, Invoice #)


You can send Purchase Order #, Invoice #, Custom Purchase Order #, or Custom Invoice # to NetSuite. To do this, you should make some changes to your NetSuite account. Please follow the next steps to set up this integration feature:

1. Enable Advanced Numbering in your NetSuite account:
  • Go to Setup —> Company —> Enable Features.
  • Open the Company tab and find the ERP General section.
  • Mark the Advanced Numbering checkbox as active.

2. Set up the document numbering in NetSuite:
  • Go to Setup —> Company —> Auto-Generated Numbers.
  • Open the Document Numbers tab.

  • Find the document you send from Precoro to NetSuite. It can be Invoice/Bill or Purchase order.
  • Mark the Allow Override checkbox as active.

  • Remember to save changes.
3. Set up your document forms:
  • Go to Customization —> Forms —> Transaction Forms.

  • Find the preferred form for Purchase Order or Invoice/Bill (the one that you always use) and click the Edit button.

  •  Open the Screen Fields tab —> set the Display Type for PO # as “Normal”.

How It Works With Integration

For Purchase Orders:

  • If you have a custom numbering for Purchase Orders in Precoro, a custom PO # will be sent to NetSuite.
  • If you do not have a custom numbering, the usual (auto-generated) document number will be sent.

For Invoices/Bills:

  • If there is a Supplier Invoice Number, it will be sent to NetSuite.
  • If there is no Supplier Invoice #, a custom Invoice # will be sent instead.
  • If you do not have custom numbering or Supplier number, the usual (auto-generated) document number will be sent.