How to Import Document and Item Custom Fields Options


How to Import the Documents/Items Custom Field Options

  1. Open the Configuration and go to the Items or Document Custom Field tab.
  2. Choose an existing Custom Field or add a new one.
  3. Open the Items or Document Custom Field editing page and press the Import Options button.

4. On the Import Options page, Download the template file, fill it out, and Submit the redacted file.

Please note that the default template structure must be strictly followed and the file for upload should be in XLSX format.


How to Fill Out the Template Correctly

Fill out the template properly to maintain the hierarchy and the valid order of options during import.

You will find three columns in the downloaded template:

  • Option Level — this is a level/sub-level of the option. It will help you import the list of options with a hierarchy. You can create options with values from 1 to 5:
    • 1 — the main option
    • 2 — the sub-level of the main option
    • 3 — the sub-level of option with value 2
    • 4 — the sub-level of option with value 3
    • 5 — the sub-level of option with value 4.
  • Code (optional)
  • Name.

Please note: Options must be added to the template in the same order you want them to be displayed in the Precoro Item/Document Custom Fields.

Examples of Filled Templates

Here is an example of how Items Custom Field options can be filled in the template:

Option Level Code Name
1   Marketing
2 70010 Gifts to customers
2 70035 Advertising
3 60836 Facebook ads
3 60974 Other online advertising
1   Equipment
2 71100 Hardware
2 71375 Office supplies 
2 73020 Repairs and Maintenance

Highlighted in italic is Marketing ICF with its sub-levels, and highlighted in bold is the next Equipment ICF with its sub-levels accordingly.

At the same time, those with Option Level “3” (“Other online advertising” and “Facebook ads”) are tied to the last one with Option Level “2” (“Advertising”).

This is how the template will look after the import:

It is essential to keep order and hierarchy in the levels and sub-levels. 

Here is an example of an incorrect template:

Option Level Code Name
1   Marketing
3 70010 Gifts to customers
3 70035 Advertising
2 60836 Facebook ads
2 60974 Other online advertising


If we try to import such template, we will get an error because there is no line with Option Level “2” before the lines with Option Level “3”. Hence, this file will fail to import.