How to Import and Update Suppliers in Bulk

This article discusses how to import suppliers in bulk. Generally, only users with the Supplier Management role will be able to perform these actions.


How to Import Suppliers in Bulk

You need to prepare your suppliers data and fill out a template. Then, you will be able to upload your suppliers list to Precoro. It may be easier and quicker to export the suppliers data from your accounting system.

Yet, make sure you have no duplicates or outdated suppliers.

The file for uploading needs to be in XLSX format.

import suppliers

How to Fill Out Precoro Template

It might be easier and quicker to copy and paste any current codes and payment terms into the file from Precoro.

  • If your supplier has more than one currency, you can separate them with commas. 
  • If you need more than one payment term for a supplier, separate them with semicolons (;).

Please note that all suppliers will be imported as active by default.

  • If you need to add two or more contacts per supplier, add more columns (works only with contacts).

Make sure you deleted duplicates in the file before importing the information.

How to Update/Deactivate Suppliers in Bulk:

The update works exactly as the import. You have to export your suppliers list and can edit any of the unblocked cells. 

  1. Go to Suppliers and Items Supplier Management Update Suppliers
  2. Download your suppliers list into an Excel file and make the required changes: set 1 in the Enable* [0=disabled 1=enabled] column for the suppliers you want to activate, save the file, and submit the renewed data. 

suppliers update

How to Add More than One Currency to Suppliers in Bulk

    1. Go to Suppliers and Items → Supplier ManagementUpdate Suppliers.

    2. Download your suppliers list into an Excel file and make the required changes:

  • Add new currencies in column F, separating them with a comma.
  • Make sure you have not deleted any existing currency. Your suppliers list will not be updated with any deleted currency.

Please note that if you have integrated your suppliers via QuickBooks, the currency box will be blocked.

Update curr