How to Delete a User From an Approval Workflow

An Approval Workflow is a logical set of activities to streamline tasks or data in an organization. It pauses the process until a specified individual approves the data.

You can find more information on creating and working with an Approval Workflow in Precoro here. 

To delete a user from the approval workflow, follow these steps:

1. In the left-side menu, open the Configuration page and go to Approval Workflow.

2. Choose the Workflow you wish to edit:

3. Press the cross sign in the right upper corner to remove the user from a Workflow:

You can successfully remove the Approver with no current pending documents without adding the substitute.



Please note that the users with documents awaiting their approval cannot be removed from the Approval Steps.

To delete those users, you would need to either add new Approvers with the same roles and rights as the ones getting replaced or approve/reject the pending documents.  

When you try to delete a current Approver who still has pending documents, the Precoro system gives you the information on how many documents there are in the approval stage and their numbers.