How to Deactivate a User in Precoro

To completely restrict a user from accessing the Precoro system, simply deactivate their account. Please note that because it is important to retain access to historical data associated with the inactive user’s account, it is impossible to completely delete the inactive user’s past activity.


How to Deactivate a User

To deactivate a user, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Company Users page: ConfigurationUser Management.
  2. Find the needed user (you can use filters for searching):

3. After finding the respective user, click on the Edit button.

4. On the Edit User page, find a switcher at the bottom of the Main Info tab and click on it.

5. Finally, click on the Update button to save the changes. In the popup window, follow the instructions and choose a Substitute for the deactivated user. After clicking Yes, the user will be inactive.

Please note that a Substitute is to become responsible for the inactive user’s documents. Therefore, the Substitute will perform revision and matching actions instead of the inactive ones when needed. 

Find more information on setting up the Substitute when deactivating a user here.

What to Do If the Switcher Is Inactive

Please note that you may not be able to deactivate a user if there are actions actively required from them.

If the switcher is gray, it is impossible to deactivate the user at the moment. Please hover over the red information sign on the right to see the tip.

How to Deactivate a User Who Is Part of an Approval Workflow 

You can deactivate users even if they are part of your company’s Approval Workflow.

  • The toggle to Deactivate users is active even if they are part of your company’s Approval Workflow.

  • When deactivating users, who are part of the Approval, they will be first deleted from the Workflow and then get deactivated in the whole company. Thus, you would not have to remove the user from the Approval Workflow manually. This process will be completed automatically.
  • If users who are part of the Approval have documents in the Pending status, then:
    • If the Pending document is on its last Approval Step and the person responsible for the Step is the user whom you wish to deactivate. Also, that person is the only one with the right to Approve the Location. Then the document will be forwarded for re-approval.
    • If there were other Approvers on the Step with the same accesses, the document re-approval would not get triggered.
    • Already Approved documents will not be forwarded for re-approval.
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