How to Create Service Orders from Requisitions

To create a new Service Order from the Purchase Requisition, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Purchase Order management page and click the SO from Requisitions button on top.

2. If needed, select the Supplier and add the necessary items to the SO document.

You can see all available PRs displayed that have Non-Inventory, Service items. The items with the Inventory type are not displayed for selection when creating a Service Order from PR.

Also, please note that you cannot create a Service Order for the item lines from PR if the Purchase Order has already been created for them.

3. Check the document and fill out the details.

Important to note:

  • You can only create a single Service Order for one item line from PR, even if the Service Order is only created for a part of the amount of the PR item line.
  • By default, the Service Period will be set from the Creation to Delivery Date from PR. You will have the ability to edit this field.

You can keep track of the created Service Order from Requisitions by the corresponding Type filter: