How to Create Item Groups

Item Groups can help you categorize and manage your company items more efficiently.

To enable the Product Groups function, contact our Support Team via in-app chat or at

An example of using Item Groups:

You have items that are available to order only from the Head Office, and you have products that are available for other locations. In this case, you should use Item Groups: Head Office and General. The Head Office Group will be available only for an office manager or admin from the Head Office, and the General Group will be open to all users.

To start using the Item Groups, follow these simple steps below:

1.  Open the Item Groups management page in the Suppliers and Items section.

2. Click on the Add Group button and enter the necessary information.

3. Once done, click on the green checkmark in the Edit field.

Please make sure that you have an active checkmark in the Enabled field. If you uncheck it, the Group will be deactivated, and you will not be able to use it when assigning items.

4. Assign items to a specific product group on the Item Management page.

You will only see the available Groups after clicking on the Show Groups button.

5. Set up the available Groups for users on the User Management page.