How to Create Categories for Items

A Category is a method of separating and classifying your items for easy analysis of purchases.


How to Create a Category

How to Assign Categories to Items

How to Edit a Category

Activating or Deactivating Categories

How to Create a Category

To create a new Category:

1. Go to Suppliers and ItemsCategory Management.

2. Click the green Add Category button in the top right corner.

3. Enter the Category Name* (this field is required), and in Edit action, press the green checkmark to save.

To be able to choose the Category in Items, make sure it has an Active checkmark activated.

How to Assign Categories to Items

After creating new Categories, you can assign them to Items on the Item Management page.

You can select and edit the Category in the Item manually or by importing or uploading the XLSX file in bulk.

How to Edit a Category

You can edit any previously created Category in the Suppliers and ItemsCategory Management section.

Editing may include the following:

  • Changing Categories Names.
  • Activating or deactivating them.

Activating or Deactivating Categories

If you want specific Categories to no longer be displayed in Items, you can deactivate them.

Please note that if you deactivate the Category that was used in Items, those Items will no longer be displayed in Item Management and will not be available for adding to the document.

To Deactivate the Category:

1. Select the needed one on the Category Management page and press Edit.

2. Uncheck the Active box and click the green checkmark to save changes.

To Activate the Category back:

1. Press the Show Filters button on the Category Management page and select the Active → No option. Press Filter to see the results.

2. Select the necessary Category and press Edit.

3. Check the Active box and click the green checkmark to save changes.

After the activation, all the previously deactivated Items will be displayed in Item Management and available for adding to the document again.