How to Create and Track an Expense

To begin, you should turn on the Expense module and make sure all users have related roles. You can find more information on these settings in this article: How to Set Up the Expenses Module.


How to Create an Expense

To create an Expense document, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Expense module in the left-side menu and press Create.

2. Fill out all the required fields and click Create.

3. Click the Add Empty Row button to add items or services.

You can also use the Import Items function. To use it, follow these steps:
  • Fill out all the required fields.
  • Select the currency — each item/service can have its currency.
  • Set up the Tax amount for the whole document or each particular item/service.
  • The item total will be calculated in three currencies: item currency, document currency, and company currency.
  • The document total will be calculated in company and document currencies.

4. Add supplementary information like the following:
  • Attachments to prove all spent costs

  • Notes and Comments.

5. If your process requires approval, the Expense will be sent to the authorized approvers, and the Expense status will be changed to Pending.

Find more on how to set up the Expense approval process here.

How to Use Mass Payment for an Expense

There is no need to create separate payments for different suppliers for each Expense. Instead, select all the necessary documents and pay for them with one click.

  1. Multi-select the necessary documents by checking the box on the left.
  2. Press the green Pay selected button.

Please note that only Expenses with To be paid and Overdue categories are available for multi-select and mass payment.

How to Edit and Revise an Expense

You can edit the Expense document fields with any status without sending them for Revision. To do this, click the Edit button to the right and enter the necessary changes.

Before editing any fields, please read this article: Field logic behavior after Edit and Revise actions in documents.


If you wish to send the document for Revision, click on the corresponding button to the right and add changes to the document and item fields.

Please note that the document will change status to In Revision, and you will need to go through the Confirmation process again.

How to Track an Expense

To track the needed Expense documents you can use Filters for setting the specific parameters to receive the necessary results.

In Expense Filters, you can set filtering parameters by Items and Documents Custom Fields. Learn how to do that here.

How to Check the Revision History

You can now select and compare changes made in the Expense documents using the Revision History button.

This function is only available to users with access to the Expenses module.

Find additional information on how to use the Revision History here.

How to Cancel an Expense

Click the Cancel button on the right and provide the cancellation reason. 

How to Repeat an Expense

Use the Repeat function to save time creating new Expenses by copying the existing document.

To utilize this function, click the Repeat button in the already created Expense document, and its data will be copied into the new document.

Please note that the Due Date and Expense # fields will not be copied into the new document.