How to Create a Purchase Requisition from a Warehouse Request

Purchase Requisition is a task for the purchasing manager “To Buy.”

Warehouse Request is a task for the warehouse manager “To transfer from Warehouse.”

If you do not have a stock balance to transfer, you can set up the  “To Buy” task and then complete the Warehouse Request.

How to create the Purchase Requisition from the Warehouse Request

  1. Click the PR from Warehouse Requests button on the Purchase Requisition page.
  2. Select the location and the relevant request(s).
  3. Fill out the desired Delivery Date and other required fields then press Create.
  4. Check if all the items’ details are entered and press Confirm once ready.

If you wish to see the related Warehouse Request, press the Show Requests button above the items table. Press the View Stock Balance button next to it to see the current balance information for the items.

Next, you can create:

  • Stock Transfer for the Warehouse Request document.

Please follow this link to learn more about the Stock Transfer document in Precoro.

  • Purchase Order for the Purchase Requisition document.

Learn more about how to create and manage a Purchase Order document here

Also, you can find information about creating a Purchase Order from several Purchase Requisitions here.