How to Create a Purchase Order from a Purchase Requisition If the Supplier Is Not Specified


Through the Purchase Requisitions Page

You can convert a Purchase Requisition document into a Purchase Order through the Purchase Requisitions page, the step-by-step process you can find here.

In case you did not select any Suppliers in the Purchase Requisition document, the system will prompt you to choose one:

Through the Purchase Order Page

When you create a Purchase Order from a Purchase Requisition, it is possible that some of the items in the PR may not have suppliers, so you will have to undertake the following steps to create a Purchase Order:

  1. Go to the left-side menu and choose Purchase Order.
  2. Click on the PO from Requisitions button.

3. Click on the “Please select a supplier” card to choose a supplier.

4. Here you can see all the items from an approved PR that does not have a supplier. In the example above, we have 1 item. To choose a supplier, click on the Edit button on the right.

5. Then, choose a supplier from the Supplier column and save the item. After confirmation, it will disappear from this menu. 

  • If you choose two or more different suppliers for items on one PR, you will need to create a separate PO for each supplier.
  • After choosing suppliers for the item, the process of creating a PO from a PR will be standard. You can check it out here.