How to Create a Contract Custom Report

To learn more about Custom Reports in Precoro and their types, read the How to Create a Custom Report article.

A Contract Custom Report will help you keep control of all your contracts and information regarding them. This report can help you manage the document flow with your Suppliers and keep you up-to-date regarding any needed actions like suspension, expiration of the validity period, and so forth.

First, provide users with appropriate access to the Contract Custom Report. Please consider the information in this article to activate the modules necessary for further work.

  • Open Reports in the left-side menu and click the Create a Custom Report button.
  • Enter the Name* of the report.
  • From the drop-down list, choose the Type of the Document — Contract.
  • Select the columns you wish to add.

This report can be generated using General, Supplier, and Company data.

  • Save the changes you have made.

After saving the report, it will be displayed on the main Reports page in the Saved Reports category. Subsequently, you will be able to continue working with the created report, editing, setting the filters, or deleting it.  

  • Adjust the filters to your needs, and press the Run Report button to receive information gathered from the database.

If you wish to continue working with data in XLSX format, press the Export button.  If you have set an integration, you can export your report straight to Google Sheets.

More information on how to set up a Google Sheets integration is here.