How to Create a Budget by Item Custom Fields

Precoro’s budget is set up to limit and track purchases in any desirable way, whether by Location, Department, or any Item Custom Fields (Chart of Accounts/ Cost Centers or General Ledger). 


How to Enable Adding Item Custom Fields to Budgets

In your Item Custom Field, check the Budgets checkbox. It enables you to create budgets by Chart of Accounts, Classes, or General Ledger.

Please note: If you need more than one budget for a Purchase Order, Invoice, or Expense you must set up Budgets by Chart of Accounts or Classes.

If you do not see a Chart of Accounts, Classes, or General Ledger, please read this article on How to Create Chart of Accounts.

You can calculate your budget either by Net Total (an amount with no deductions), Gross Total (an amount with the deduction of taxes or discounts), or Custom. These configurations you can set up when creating a new budget:

Also, you can select which type of Total you want to see displayed in the document's list in ConfigurationBasic SettingsMisc.

How to Create Budgets by Item Custom Fields

When creating a new budget in Select what to include in your budget option you can check the necessary Item Custom Fields options and they will be available for further work in budget lines:

How to Select a Budget per Items in Documents

After creating budget sub-lines using your company’s Item Custom Fields, you will be able to set different budgets for different items and understand the budget availability while creating Purchase Orders or Invoices.