How to Add a New Supplier to the Supplier Portal (for Businesses)


How to Add a New Supplier to the Supplier Portal

To add a new supplier to the Supplier Portal, you should do the following:

1. Open the Supplier Management page.

2. Press the Add Supplier button, enter the required info, and save it.

3. Press the Invitation to the Supplier Portal button.

Note: If you do not see the Invitation to the Supplier Portal button, contact your CS manager.

4. In the window, click on New Invitation, select the new supplier, enter their email, and press Send.

An invitation email will be sent to the Supplier.

5. Once the Supplier receives their invitation, they need to confirm it and register in the Supplier Portal. After that, you will be notified that the Supplier has been registered.

Precoro will send you a notification email regarding the Supplier registration progress so you will constantly be up-to-date with the latest changes.

The letter will read as follows, letting you know that the Supplier has accepted your invitation:

Track the Supplier Portal Invitations Statuses

You can view and track the invitation statuses on the Invitation to the Supplier Portal page:

  • Sent — when the invitation has been sent.
  • Opened — when the supplier opens the letter for the first time.
  • Registred — when the supplier enters the Precoro for the first time.
  • Failed — when the letter you sent did not reach the supplier’s inbox for one of the possible reasons listed below: 
    • The letter was sent, but the server rejected it.
    • The mail does not exist.
    • Any other unexpected error that prevented the email from reaching the recipient.

How to Send POs to a New Supplier Automatically

To do that, follow this instruction:

1. Go to Supplier Management, find your new supplier, and press the Edit button.

2. In the Automatic PO sending field, select YesUpdate.

If there are multiple new suppliers, you can send them POs in bulk:

1. In Supplier Management, click Update Suppliers and download the XSLX file.

2. Find the Automatic PO sending column and enter “1” for the suppliers to whom the order should be sent automatically.

3. Save the file and upload it back to Precoro.

Then, the Supplier will need to create a new catalog and add their items there.

How to Match a Supplier’s Category with Your Own

After the Supplier has created a catalog of items, you need to match the Supplier’s categories with your company’s categories.

To do that, follow the steps below:

1. Open Supplier Management → Categories Management.

2. Click the Match Supplier’s Category button on the right panel.

3. Find the category you want to match and click the corresponding Action button:

  • You can either Add the exact equivalent or enter your alternative.

  • Also, you can Select the category from the list of your existing ones:

If you decide to Hide the category, you will not be able to see any Items in this category.