Getting Started with NetSuite


Integration Fundamentals

  • One company in Precoro can be integrated with one NetSuite Subsidiary.
  • The following data can be imported from NetSuite to Precoro:
    • Locations
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Departments
    • Classes
    • Customers/Projects
    • Suppliers
    • Items 
    • Taxes
    • Employees
    • Payments
    • Billable Field.
  • The following documents can be transferred from Precoro to NetSuite:
    • Approved Purchase Orders
    • Approved Purchase Orders and Receipts
    • Approved Invoices.

Getting Started

1. Determine the exchange flow you want to implement. Identify the documents you need to send and the fields you want to integrate:

  • Assess the document forms in both systems and decide which fields should be transferred.
    Please note that if you have mandatory fields in the NetSuite document, you must fill in these fields in Precoro and transfer them to NetSuite. Otherwise, the document in NetSuite will not be created if all the required fields are not filled in.
  • Determine which fields should be imported from NetSuite to Precoro.

2. Follow this guide to configure the integration.

3. Start setting up the data you wish to integrate:

More information on item integration you can find here

  • Select the Subsidiary from the drop-down list.

Make sure you Save all the configurations.

When working with lists, Import will allow you to get new options, and Update will renew the previously imported ones.

Important Information to Consider

  • Currently, it is impossible to import and work with custom fields such as Custom Segments, Custom Transaction Body Lines, Custom Transaction Item Lines, etc.
  • The names of the lists in the NetSuite can be changed without affecting the integration.
  • If you created documents before setting up the integration and now want to send them to NetSuite, you can send them manually using the Send to NetSuite button.

Additional Useful Materials

Please consider the articles below when working with the integration: