Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Amazon Integration

Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about Amazon Integration.

  • What will happen if I reject the Purchase Order in Precoro? Will it get rejected on Amazon as well?

No, the changes you have made to the document after it has been approved and sent to Amazon will not be sent to Amazon again.

  • How to cancel the Purchase Order document in Precoro if there are new alterations?

You would need to cancel the Order in Precoro and Amazon systems. If you cancel the document only in one system, the changes will not synchronize.

If you have trouble canceling the Order on Amazon, contact the Support team.

  • If an Amazon Order was deleted on Draft Status in Precoro, will it disappear in Amazon?

Yes, suppose you have not approved the document and deleted it on Draft Status in Precoro according to Amazon Approval Policies. In that case, such an order will also be canceled in Amazon after seven days without approval.

  • How to synchronize changes to the Purchase Order on Amazon if it has already been approved in Precoro?  

You should make similar adjustments to the Order in Precoro and Amazon systems.

Visit the Help Center to find detailed instructions on how to work with Purchase Orders in Precoro. If you have trouble adjusting the Order on Amazon, contact the Support team.

  • What to do if my shipping address automatically changes on Amazon once approved in Precoro?

Please check if your shipping addresses (Locations) are correct in Precoro. The Location address should be the same as on Amazon.

  • Add a new location if you have no Location with the shipping address like on Amazon.
  • Edit the existing location in case of an address mismatch.

You can change the shipping address on Amazon, so please contact Amazon support.

  • Why did the Location disappear from the Precoro Amazon Setup page?  

Please note that if you have deactivated the main Location, which was specified on your Amazon Setup page, it will be automatically removed from there. In this case, the integration might work with errors.

To avoid this, replace the main Location first and then deactivate it.