Enter Your Company Information

Congratulations on joining Precoro!

We are grateful for your trust and delighted to have you as a client! And we will do our best to ensure that you realize your procurement goals and needs! 

The first step toward going live is entering your company information:

  1. Log into your Precoro account.

  2. Go to Basic Settings.

  3. Complete the Information tab with the requested info about your company. 
    You can also add your company logo (if you want your company to be more recognizable and professional).

    • The image size cannot exceed 25 MB. However, note that the better the image extension, the better the quality of the logo in Precoro. 

    • The image should be in JPEG or PNG format.

    • Remember to make sure the image has no white edges above or below it, so the logo does no seem small.

  4. Note that you can add currencies relevant to your procurement process in the Currencies tab, so add any currencies that you wish to work with.

  5. The rest of the tabs are used for Precoro functionality. Therefore, you can skip them if they are not relevant to your procurement process.

  6. Once you have entered all the desired data, just click Save to record the settings.

Monosnap Basic Settings 2023-01-20 11-26-12