Working with documents in Precoro, you can leave Notes and Comments in each. That can help emphasize and organize important information about the document, working terms, or the Supplier.


How to Create a new Note or Comment


In order to create a new Note, open the necessary document, scroll down below and press the Add Note button. If you wish to add a Comment press the Add Comment button on the opposite side of the page.


You can format the text using the tool panel above to make it more structural and easier to understand.



The Note and Comment formatting is available in the following documents:

  1. Warehouse Request.

  2. Invoice.

  3. Purchase Requisition.

  4. Purchase Order.

  5. Requests for Proposal (in the Supplier Portal as well).

  6. Receipt.

  7. Expense.

  8. Credit Note.

  9. Supplier Portal (in the following: Requests for Proposal, Purchase Order, Invoice).

  10. Purchase Order Conditions (on the page of creating and editing the Supplier).


Please consider that Notes are unavailable in the:

  1. Supplier Management (page of creating and editing the Supplier).

  2. Contract Management.


How to Edit Notes and Comments

Press the Edit Note button to change the previously created text:



Comments are not available for editing.


Once the Comment is sent it is automatically stamped with time and date of the publication. 

Adding links 


You can add the external links into Comments or Notes by selecting the text and pressing the link button above in the tool panel: