Updated Custom and Preset Precoro reports 

Recently, we added a Credit Note display in the Purchase Orders, and now the information on the Credit Notes is available in the custom, and preset Precoro reports to make the analyses even more thorough.

We have updated the following preset Precoro reports:

1. PO Report by Items

2. Invoice Report by Items 

And in the custom reports based on the following documents:

1. Purchase Order

2. Invoice 

3. Receipt

Updated templates for the document download in the Invoices

We have added the new parameters Credits, Paid, and To Pay into the document download template for the Invoices.

Both the PDF and XLSX templates have been updated.

The Credits parameter will only be shown if the document has a related Credit Note.

No Re-approval when changing the Item Description

Previously, when changing the Item Description field in the already approved document, you would trigger the re-approval process (the document would get sent to the approver once again). 

Now, we have improved this working logic. When changing the Item Description field in the Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, and Invoice documents, you will not trigger the document for re-approval.

Please note that the re-approval will not be triggered only when you change the Item Description field. If you change any other critical document information, the re-approval still applies.

Consider the How does re-approval process activation work in documents article to learn more.