In Precoro, you can quickly and effectively gather the necessary data for analyses using custom reports functionality. 

Consider this article to learn more about using custom reports to your maximum benefit.


Why build and use the Expense Custom Report

Expense Custom Report allows you to generate all available information on the Expenses you have access to in Precoro. After running, the Expenses report can be downloaded in XLSX format. 

What kind of information you obtain with the Expenses Custom Report:

  1. Get the list of all the expenses along with their current statuses.
  2. Receive a categorized land itemized list of expenses made on behalf of the company.
  3. Analyze how much money was spent and determine what was purchased.

The report will provide you with fresh and up-to-date information as you are able to set the filters for a certain period you are interested in.  

Step 1. Provide users with the appropriate roles

Please consider the information in this article to activate the modules necessary for further work.

Step 2. Create a Report

  • Open Reports in the left-side menu and click on Create a Custom Report button.
  • Enter the name of the report.
  • From the drop-down list, choose the Type of the Document  Expenses.
  • Choose the necessary columns you wish to add.

Please note that when building an Expenses report, you can include data from three objects: General, Items, and Company. 
  • Save the changes you have made.

After saving the report, it will be displayed on the main Reports page in the Saved Reports category. Subsequently, you would be able to continue working with the created report, editing, setting the filters, or deleting it.  

  • Adjust the filters to your needs, and press the Run Report button to receive information gathered from the database.
  • If you wish to continue working with data in XLSX format, press the Export button.