In Precoro, you can create and send approved Invoices to Xero. More on how to work with this function is here.


How does an integrated payment process work

1. Create an Invoice in Precoro.

2. Approve it in Precoro so it would be automatically sent to Xero.

3. Approve the Bill in Xero and add Payment.

4. Import the Payment from Xero to Precoro. 

How to import the Payment into Precoro

1. Open the Payments page and choose the Due Date range of Payments you wish to import.

Please note that the Payments import window is only available when you choose the Approved Invoice type of document.

2. Press the Import Payments button below, and Precoro will notify you how many objects were imported.

Payment cancellation 

You can Cancel the imported payment from Xero manually following the standard Precoro functionality. More on working with payments in Precoro you can find here

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