In Precoro, you can choose the documents and data you wish to send or import from Xero, and the previous articles would help you:

1. Set up the Xero integration.

2. Learn more about the data synchronization between the two systems.

3. Export the Purchase Order type of document.


Select the Invoice document to send  

To send the Approved Invoice to Xero, open the Integrations page in Precoro, select the Invoice type of document, and save this setting:

How the Invoice is sent to Xero

As soon as the Invoice document in Precoro receives the status Approved, it is automatically getting sent to Xero.

In Xero, the document automatically receives the Awaiting Approval status.

The Invoice document in Xero might have the following statuses:

  • Draft — available only if you start creating the Invoice via Xero. 
  • Awaiting Approval — all the approved Invoices from Precoro will have this status in Xero. 
  • Awaiting Payment — the Invoice gets this status in Xero after being approved by the proper responsible person.
  • Paid — after receiving and adding a payment to the Invoice.
  • Repeating — in case you wish to make the scheduled repeating payment.

What data is being sent 

  • General Invoice information

Precoro SystemXero System
Invoice #Reference
Issue DateDate
Due DateDue Date
Invoice currencyCurrency name

  • Notes, Comments, and Attachments 

All this information will be available in Xero in the History & Notes bloc.

The text of the Notes and Comments from Precoro will be displayed in the Details field. You will also see the additional information like the Date when the information was uploaded and the User, which will be System Generated by default if the information was imported from Precoro.  

  • Items

Precoro SystemXero System
PriceUnit price
Tax,%Tax rate
Xero Chart of AccountsAccount

Please note that you should use the same Rounding Settings in both systems. In Xero, the Rounding is set to two digits after the comma by default.

Consider this article to learn more about Rounding Settings in Precoro.

How to find the Invoices not sent to Xero

The Not Sent to Xero filter will show the documents that were not exported due to a possible error. To ensure that in Xero, all documents are up to date you would need to:

1. Filter the Invoices.

2. Determine the cause of an error in the Integrations logs.

3. Correct the error. 

More information on how to fix different errors you can find here.

4. Resend the Invoice to Xero.

Editing or Revising the Invoice 

The changes you have made in Precoro can only be applied to those Invoices that have not yet been Approved and have the Awaiting approval status.

If you make changes and send them to the Xero document, which has already been approved, they will not be imported.

You can Edit or Revise the Invoice in Precoro using the standard system logic. To send the made changes into Xero, please use the correspondent button:

More information on working with Invoices in Precoro, you can find here.

Invoice Cancellation

To Cancel the Invoices in both systems, you would need to go to Precoro and Cancel the selected document there.

In Xero, the document will be deleted automatically.

There is no special stage in Xero for Canceled Invoices, they would get deleted and not shown in any of the stage.