Why use Xero integration 

Xero is an accounting software solution designed for small businesses.

Integrating it with Precoro will:

  • Accelerate and automate the working process in your company. 
  • Make sure your purchasing operations run continuously with no irregularities.
  • Help maintain valuable communication within the team so that departments always have up-to-date information.  

Using integration, you will get the fully-automated process:

1. Creating the Purchase Orders or Invoices in Xero whenever they obtain the Approved status.

2. Connecting the Purchasing/Procurement departments with the Accounting one.

Basic requirements 

1. To set up the integration, you need to have both Xero and Precoro accounts with administrative roles.

2. Also, if you have multiple companies' accounts registered, you would need to set the integration separately for each.

Step-by-step Xero integration

Step 1. Connect your accounts

Open the Integrations page in Precoro, click on the Connect to Xero button and enter your credentials to access your Xero account:

Click on Allow Access button for Precoro to get the necessary information:

Step 2. Import the necessary data 

Once you have established the access, choose the information you wish to import.

  • To import the Chart of accounts, click on this option, select the data and press the Import button.

When transferring the Chart of Accounts from Xero, there are several account types Precoro cannot support. So please, check out the table below to ensure you are importing the compatible options.

Chart of Accounts options that are compatible with Precoro:

Category NameType


  • Current Asset

  • Fixed Asset

  • Inventory

  • Non-current asset


  • Direct costs

  • Expense


  • Liability

Other income

  • Revenue




  • To import the Tracking categories click on this option, select the data, and press the Import button.

Please note that you can have only two Tracking categories in Xero. Those might be Projects, Departments, or Classes. In Xero, these categories are available on the items level only, so they will be imported as the item custom fields.

  • To import the Suppliers click on this option, select the data, and press the Import button. To optimize the searching process, you can use the Search by name.

Please note you can load 100 suppliers at a time, and if you wish to see all of your suppliers from Xero, please click the Load more button.

  • To import the Items click on this option, select the data, and press the Import button.

  • To import the Tax rates, click on this option, select the data and press the Import button.

Step 3. Chose the Document Type to send and Save

The final step is to select the type of document you wish to send into Xero:

  • Approved Purchase Orders.
  • Approved Invoices.


To save the changes made, please press the Save button. 

Please note that you should use the same Rounding Settings in both systems. In Xero, the Rounding is set to two digits after the comma by default.

Consider this article to learn more about Rounding Settings in Precoro.

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