The Purchase Requisition is a document generated by a department employee to request that the company order certain items and advise on quantity and the timeframe for the order. Please consider this article to learn more about the Purchase Requisition and how to use it in Precoro.


Set up the Purchase Requisition module in the Basic Settings


1. Open the Configuration, go to the Basic Settings and click on the Purchase Requisitions tab. 

2. Activate the module by turning the switch into the "On" position. 

3. Ensure that all needed features are turned on:

  • Empty Rows for Items  allows users to add items to the Requisition in a free form.

Turning this feature on, users would have two options when adding items. They could either pick the item from the Catalog or manually add all the necessary information. 

Turning this feature off allows users to only add items from the Catalog. Thus, there is no adding items manually, as the button "Add Empty Row" will not be displayed in the document:

You can benefit from using Empty Rows when:

  1. You are confident that users will select the Chart of Accounts as needed, following the Accounting rules.
  2. There will be no errors or misspellings with denominations.

In case you wish to receive clear and formalized information on the items you are buying or assist your users with selecting the Chart of Accounts, it will be better to use the Catalog items. Then you can turn off the Empty Rows for Items and add your Catalog.

Please consider this article to learn more about how to create a Catalog.

  • Display prices  allows users to see the price and Total Sum of the document.

Turning this feature off allows you not to show the price of the items and the Total Sum for the users:

  • Enable SKU  allows users to see the SKU of the item in the row. 

Turning off the feature would remove the SKU information from the item's row. Thus your users wouldn't see it.

4. To save the changes, press the Update button below.

Give the appropriate roles to the users

  1. Open the Configuration page, and go to the User Management tab.
  2. Select those people who will work with the PR module and provide them with corresponding roles. To do that, press the Edit Action and set the user's rights in the Roles tab.
  3. To save the changes, press the Update button below.

The "View only" role grants document viewing without rights to editing or approving. 

The "Create" role provides access to document creation and editing.

The "Approve" role allows approving the documents created by other users.

Create the Approval Workflow

The Approval workflow allows you to send documents stored in Precoro to one or more people for their approval. This process is set up individually for each company. More information on this document and how you can benefit from using it in Precoro, you can find here

You can find detailed instructions on creating and setting up the Approval Workflow in this article.

In the Purchase Requisition document, you can build the Approval Steps that best suit your company's working process.

For example, you can incorporate: 

  • Different authorization limit levels for the Procurement process 

  • Heads of Departments Approval