Supplier Registration is the process of collecting crucial information from outside suppliers of items and services and entering that information into a system to manage the relationship.

In Precoro, we have built a clear and efficient Supplier Registration on-boarding process that will benefit you in terms of data accuracy as well as minimum manual and routine work thanks to the automation.


Why use the Supplier Registration process

  • Get automated web form type of information that will exclude any manual data entering.  
  • Receive accurate and up-to-date information from your Suppliers.
  • Conduct the selection process through background checks and data analytics based on the received information.
  • Go through a simple validation process with the following options: Send for Revision, Approve, or Reject.

How does the Supplier Registration process work

 Personalize and send a Registration form to the Supplier via Precoro.

 Receive all the necessary data from the Supplier according to your request.

 Consider the received information and decide whether you would like to accept or decline the Supplier's proposal.