In the world of technology and innovation, one of the basic necessities is data protection which can be ensured by IP access control.  

IP-based systems are a splendid solution to keep your business secure while storing data for a robust protection system. By incorporating IP-based access control systems, you can hold the data safe from theft, intrusion, and crime, whether you’re physically present or not. 

How to activate the IP Access Control

1. Go to Configuration in the left-side menu, click on Account Settings, and open the IP Access Control tab above. 

2. Click on the Add New IP Address button. 

The system will automatically enter your current IP address on the first click.

3. Enter the IP address. 
There is no limit to the number of IP addresses you can add in Precoro. You can also edit or delete the previously added IPs.

To learn how to find the computer IP address in Windows, consider this link.

4. Check the entered address to ensure it is correct before logging out so that next time, you and other users will be able to log in successfully. 

5. To save the changes press the Update button below.