The benefit of Slack integration is that notifications can be sent via Slack instead of email. It is faster and more convenient, offering our users greater flexibility.

This article will define the main points of the integration with Slack.


Establishing integration with Slack

You can easily integrate your company in Precoro and your Slack workspace to work with the documents from any place. 

You should follow a few easy steps to integrate Precoro with Slack.

    1. Go to the Slack Integration page.

    2. Click on the "Add Precoro to Slack" button. 

    3. In the new tab, you will be requested to give Precoro permission to access your Slack workspace. Press Allow when ready.

    You will get a notification on Slack after successfully adding integration to your workspace.

Precoro requests permissions to access Slack workspace

   4. Press the "Map users" button to synchronize users in Precoro with your colleagues in the Slack workspace. Please note that only matching emails will be synced.

    5. Well done! You have finished setting everything up for the integration with Slack.

Receiving notifications in Slack

There are three types of notifications you could receive in Slack:

1. Document is waiting for your approval

 After your colleague creates a document and sends it to you for approval, you will get a Slack notification about it. 

Slack notification

To make your approval decision click on the "Approve" or "Reject" buttons.
If you have to take a closer look at the document before making a decision, press the "Open document" button to open it in Precoro.

Approving via Slack

If your colleague has attached a file to the document in Precoro, you will be able to check it out in reply to the main notification.

2. Approval Reminder

You will receive this type of notification according to your Daily Reminders schedule. Thus, you will see the documents which need approval from you.

3. Document is waiting for your decision  

This notification will include the list of all documents that need your attention. The list includes: 

  • documents that need to be approved; 
  • invoices, which need to be paid; 
  • revisions that need to be confirmed; 

The notification is also going to be sent according to the Daily Reminders schedule. 

Conducting communications

Conduct your communications by sending comments and leaving replies directly through Slack:

  • Leave a comment in the Precoro document, which is being sent for approval, and the approver will receive the message.

  • Add comments directly through Slack. The comment will be automatically added into the corresponding document in Precoro.

  • Tag the necessary users and add them as followers to the documents in Precoro.

Downloading documents in PDF-format

Now the approvers can check which items are in the document they approve, even from their mobile device.

You can download a PDF version of any document through the Slack approval notifications. To find a PDF version of the document, open the thread messages.

Please note that to download a PO document in the Slack notification message, you ought to allow the download in the settings.

If you wish your employees to receive a PDF-format PO document through the Slack notifications, go to the Order Printing Configurations and activate the Download while Purchase Order pending set.


    1. Should each user connect to the Slack workspace individually?

No, integration with Slack in the Precoro company is established once and for all the users. Usually, it is an Integration Manager or any other Manager with a Configuration role in Precoro who can set the Integration between Precoro and Slack.

    2. I have access to multiple companies in Precoro. How does integration with Slack work in this case?

Precoro provides two types of integration:

  • you can sync all of your companies with one workspace in Slack,
  • or you can connect each of your companies to a different workspace in Slack.

Mostly, it depends on how your organization is structured.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to integrate Precoro with different Slack workspaces for each of the companies you have access to.

    3. I have turned off email notifications in Precoro. Will I get Slack notifications?

Yes, you can turn off receiving emails from Precoro, but you will be able to be up-to-date and approve documents from your Slack.

    4. I cannot map users of my company in Precoro with users in the Slack workspace. What could be a problem?

Accounts are connected via user email, which requires you to use the same email in Precoro and in Slack.
Don't worry about capitalization. You will be able to map the users even if the emails have different capitalizations in Slack and Precoro. 

5. How to set up the notification schedule? 

To build your daily reminders schedule, please follow the steps described in this article How to set up Daily Reminders.