Sometimes, it happens that the initial address is incorrect or there should be another one. In this case, it is possible to adjust the contact email to receive the notifications to the right mailbox.
Please note, these actions can be done only by the users themselves in their account. 

To change the email address, please follow the instruction below:

1. Log in to your profile and go to the Profile Settings page.

 2. Enter the new email instead of the old one (that is irrelevant) Update

 3. Hit on the Resend button to receive the message acceptance to your new email, which you should confirm.

 Here you can also update your first/ last names and your phone number

    4. Open your inbox for the new email   find and open the email from Precoro "Confirmation of email address              change"   hit "Confirm"

    5. Go back to Precoro and log in using now the new email.