1. PDF/XLSX documents big update — final improvements
  2. Precoro Mobile App — in progress
  3. Budgets import


PDF/XLSX documents big update — final improvements

We finished updating all our printed documents templates. Here is what we have done for this release:

  • The page numbering was added. The format is the following: "1 / X" — where X is the total number of pages in the document;
  • The "Terms & Conditions" section was improved - now, we don't display the credit period separately in PDF/XLSX documents to avoid duplicates;
  • Displaying of suppliers' contacts: all contact data is displayed in a more logical order: name-email-phone (previously we had email-name-phone);
    Please note: we changed it not only in PDF/XLSX documents but also on the document's pages;
  • The header and logo sizes were optimized;

Let's take a look at the previous Purchase Order layout:

And here is a new Purchase Order layout:


Precoro Mobile App — in progress

Now you can download Precoro as a mobile app from the browser. 

Note: it’s not a typical application that you can download from Google Play or App Store. But it has the full functionality as the usual Precoro has. 

How it works:

  • You can see an Install button in your profile menu;

  • By clicking on this button, you'll be able to add Precoro to the Home Screen and use it as an app;

Please note:

  • You might not see the Install button if your phone has iOS. To install Precoro as an application on iOS:
    • Open Precoro in your Safari browser;
    • Click on the Share button;
    • Scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen button;
    • Here you are — Precoro is installed as an application on your device!


Budgets import

Precoro added a possibility to import Budgets. Please, follow this article to learn more about how it works.