See How to Create a Custom Report to learn more about Custom Reports in Precoro and its types. 

Note: Budget type of Custom Report is available only for users with active "Report" and "Budget" roles.

Budget Custom Report allows you to generate any data set describing all Budgets you have access to in Precoro. After running, Custom Report could be downloaded in XLSX format. Thus, you can gather, filter, process, analyze, and use the data about Budgets. 

Budget Custom Report could be generated using only the General type of data.

See How to Create a Custom Report to learn more about data types in Custom Reports.

Budget Custom Report could be helpful when you need to analyze the current state of your budgets' spendings in general or by selected departments/locations/chart of accounts/etc. Also, you can check the available, used, and reserved amounts across your budgets. 

Let's say your financial analyst wants to regularly track the level of spendings and available amounts across all budgets you have access to in Precoro. To prepare such type of analytics and always be up to date, he/she could create a Budget Custom Report with the following indicated parameters: 

  • Budget/Parent Budget name - to have a list of actual budgets,
  • Locations (or Departments, or Chart of Accounts) - to cluster your results (if needed),
  • Start/End date - to filter results by budgets' period,
  • Total/Available/Used/Reserved - to analyze the relevant amounts.

Here is an example of how to do this: