See How to Create a Custom Report to learn more about Custom Reports in Precoro and its types. 

Note: Receipt type of Custom Report is available only for users with active "Receipt" and "Reports" roles.

Receipt Custom Report allows you to generate any data set describing all Receipts and Items in them you have access to in Precoro. After running, Custom Report could be downloaded in XLSX format. Thus, you can gather, filter, process, analyze, and use any information about Receipts. 

In general, there are two ways you can build a Receipt Custom Report:

  1. By documents, using only General and/or Supplier data
  2. By items, using Items (and other) data

Let's consider an example of a Receipt Custom Report by ItemsSuch a way of reporting is proper when you need to analyze data about the received items for a selected period (with specific features if required).

Let's say you want to have a report about all office supplies your colleagues received from Amazon clustered by Departments. To do this, you need a list of Items from receipts filtered by status (we need only Received ones) with the following indicated parameters: 

  • Item from Catalog (if needed) and Supplier - to filter your resulting table,
  • Department (as Document Custom Field) - to cluster your results,
  • Item name - to have a list of received items,
  • Received - to know the number of received items

Here is a guide on how to create such a report: