In Precoro, you can use the following modes to complete the existing Purchase Orders:


Complete Manually

If you want to complete Purchase Order but some items are not received and invoiced — you can complete this Purchase Order manually.

Manual completion is available only for authorized users who can revise/reject the Purchase Order at the approval stage. 

To complete Purchase Order manually:    

1. Make sure that the document has Approved status.

2. Make sure all Invoices for the document are paid.

3. Click the Mark as completed button to close the Purchase Order document manually.

This action is available only if:

  • You received and invoiced equal item quantities. You won't be able to mark the document as Completed if you received, for example, 8 pieces but invoiced 10 ones.
  • All Invoices for this Purchase Order must have the Paid status — otherwise, you won't be able to complete the Purchase Order.

Please note that all items with Waiting status will be marked as rejected after manual completion.

Mass Complete

When turning off either Receipt or Invoice modules, there is no need to complete the related Purchase Order documents manually one by one.

You can use the mass complete function, which becomes available when turning off either Receipt or Invoice modules in Precoro's Basic Settings.

  • Turning off the Receipts module will complete Purchase Orders with the following statuses:

Approved + Paid + Not received / Partly received

  • Turning off the Invoices module will complete Purchase Orders with the following statuses:

Approved + Received + Not billed / Not paid / Partly paid

When switching off one of the sections, you will see the informational window with the Statuses of your uncompleted Purchase Order. 

To proceed, press the Yes button below, and the mass complete function will be activated. After the successful completion, Precoro will notify you how many Purchase Order documents were completed.