See How to Create a Custom Report to learn more about Custom Reports in Precoro and its types. 

Note: Payment type of Custom Report is available only for users with active "Report" and "Payment" roles.

Payment Custom Report allows you to generate any data set describing all Payments you have access to in Precoro. After running, Custom Report could be downloaded in XLSX format. Thus, you can gather, filter, process, analyze, and use any information about Payments. 

Payment Custom Report could be generated only by documents, using General, Supplier, and/or Company data.

See How to Create a Custom Report to learn more about data types in Custom Reports.

Payment custom report could be useful when you need to analyze payments you already made, and, for example, how much you still need to pay your suppliers this month to complete all Invoices with a coming payment date. 

Let's say you're an Accountant and you regularly update your payment calendar to know how much and when you need to pay your suppliers. You'll always need fresh data for a selected period on Suppliers you should pay to, Invoices to be paid, these Invoices' amounts, and Payments already (partly or fully) made for them.


To extract all of this data from Precoro and always be up to date, you could create a Payment Custom Report. 

Such a report should be based on units from General and Supplier data.

Here is an example of how to do this: