1. Please, ensure you have all taxes in Precoro and its name the same as the Tax Code name in NetSuite.

In this video, we see a missing Withholding Tax in Precoro, so we need to create a new one.

2. Add necessary permissions to your Integration role in NetSuite with Edit or Full level.

Under the Lists tab:Under the Setup tab:
Under the Custom record tab:

Custom Record Entries

Custom Fields

WTax Cache
Record Custom Field

Custom Lists

WTax Job

Custom Record Types

WTax Journal Type

Custom Sublist

WTax Validation Fields

Custom Sublists

Withholding Tax Code

Withholding Tax Configuration

Withholding Tax Setup

Withholding Tax Type

Withholding Tax Type Kind

Withholding Tax Type Nexus

3. Set up the displaying the WHT in the Transaction line fields in NetSuite:

Withholding Tax columns for the Item sublist are hidden by default. However, you must show these custom columns so they can be mapped through SOAP web services. 

  • To show the custom columns, go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Line Fields
  • Edit the following item sublist fields for Withholding Tax. On the Display subtab, select Normal in the Display Type field.

Withholding Tax Code

Withholding Tax Rate

Withholding Tax Base Amount

Withholding Tax Amount

Withholding Tax Code - Expense

Withholding Tax Rate - Expense

Withholding Tax Base Amount - Expense

Withholding Tax Amount - Expense

4. Follow this link to map the Withholding taxes in Precoro with NetSuite - precoro.com/ns/map_wht

Now your Invoices will pass to NetSuite along with the Withholding taxes.