Filling out the Request for Proposal 
When the client has sent you the Request for Proposal from Precoro, you will receive a notification that looks like this:

Once you open it, you need to click the Submit proposal button and do the following:

1. Specify the Estimated delivery date - a date when you can deliver the goods to the client.

2. Click the Edit button, insert the prices for the items, and click the green button to save.

3. Click Confirm to send the fulfilled RFP back to the client.
If you cannot provide the client with some items, you need to click the Reject button next to these items. You can also leave a comment for the client to specify the details or the reason for rejection.

Please, check out the video below on how to fill out the Request for Proposal:

You can press the Reject button to reject the whole RFP if you cannot provide the client with any of the items.