When you deactivate a user, it is prudent to set up a substitute to assign revision and matching processes for the inactive user's documents and activities within the Precoro system. 


How to delegate documents

  • Go to Configuration  User Management;
  • Locate the respective user you wish to deactivate and press the Edit User button;
  • Switch to Off and press Update;
  • You'll be proposed to choose a substitute user in the dialog window;
  • Click on the dropdown menu and choose a substitute user from the list;
    Please note that you can choose only among the users who have the same access as the ones being deactivated.
  • Confirm your actions by pressing the 'Yes' button.

 To delegate the documents you should, choose a substitute user

What kind of actions can the newly assigned Substitute perform?

  • All documents that have to be matched and revised by the inactive user.
  • All future documents that will demand matching and revision of the inactive user.
  • The Substitute will get Precoro and e-mail notifications about required actions.

Document view for the Substitute

  • The substitute user will also have the info cards in the document lists. These cards will help manage the documents within the inactive user's account.

Substitute user info card

  • The replacement user will receive the full access to the predecessor's reports including the ability to edit and delete them.

If you have deactivated the user before the action to choose a substitute was required in Precoro, and you have not appointed the replacement, then no users would be able to edit or delete their reports.

In that case, if you wish to gain access to perform actions with such reports, you should:

1. Activate the user who originally created those reports once again.

2. Deactivate them and choose the substitute.

Following these steps, the new substitute will be able to edit and delete the needed reports.


Please note: 

  • Only users with the same roles and access to the exact Locations and Documents Custom Fields will be available as Substitutes.
  • The substitute user will be asked to undertake specific actions in documents:
    • to accept Invoices if/when there are changes
    • to make any revisions when the approver sends the document to fix something
  • A Substitute will get emails if/when actions are requested.
  • You can learn the identity of the Substitute for the inactive user on the User Management page (firstly, filter the list of users for displaying inactive users only)

 the identity of the Substitute for the inactive user

How to choose a substitute for an already inactive user

  • Go to Configuration  User Management;
  • Find the inactive user by clicking the Show Filters button and setting the Active filter as 'NO';
  • Hit the Edit User button;
  • Select the Substitute User from the drop-down list and press Update

How to choose a substitute for an already inactive user

What if you don't see the necessary substitute user in the list

  • Ensure that the user you are attempting to set as a substitute has all the needed roles and access to Locations and Documents Custom Fields.
  • Repeat the process to set up the substitute user.