Q: Who has the ability to edit budgets? If someone can see the budget, can they also edit it? 

Only the admin (user with the Configuration role) and the budget holder can edit budgets.

If you need to be the only person who can edit budgets, we advise you to put your user's email as a budget holder for all the budgets instead of the current budget holders.

To make sure that the users who are the budget holders now or other users, can only view the budgets (see and track the progress, but not edit budget information), they need to have the Budgets role activated in the User Management.

Q: I have an available budget in June, but the PO is created in July. Is it automatically transferred to July?

The budget cannot be changed automatically in documents. You will not be able to select the June budget on the document's creation page if the PO's delivery date is in July.  
Let's look at the example:

  • You have two budgets: one for June and one for July


  • When you create a Purchase Order and set a delivery date, you can choose only those budgets that are available at this date.

Q: Does the budget get assigned to a PO based upon its creation date or based upon its delivery date?

The budget is assigned to the Purchase Order depending on its delivery date. You can set it up on the document's creation page. 

Q: If I create a PO in May, but the delivery date is in June, which budget will it be assigned to, May or June? 

In Precoro, you can assign budgets to the Purchase Orders depending on the delivery date. So, in that case, the document will be assigned to the June budget.

Q: Is there a way to import budgets instead of manually inputting them? 

Currently, there is no such a possibility to import budgets. 

Q: Is it possible to copy the past budgets to create future ones? 

We are working on implementing this feature in the nearest future. Follow the Releases folder to know about all recent updates in Precoro. 

Q: How can I make a budget report?

There are two different budget reports in Precoro:

Follow these articles to know more about reports.