Q: What is the posting period for the Invoices/Orders if, for example, the Issue date in Precoro will be in April, but the document is approved and sent to NetSuite in May? 

A: The posting period of the Invoice/Order will be in April, according to the Issue date in Precoro. 

If the posting period is closed in NetSuite, the Invoice won't be posted, and Precoro will return an error message. 

Q: How can I find the available permissions for the integration role?

A: First of all, you need to find out what role was applied for integration. Then you can check its permissions.

  • Navigate, please: Setup --> User/Roles --> Access Tokens;
  • On the list, you'll find Precoro integration and the role applied to this integration;

  • Now you need to find the page 'Manage roles.' Type in the search bar or navigate, please: Setup --> User/Roles --> Manage Roles and then click on the role;
  • Open all of the tabs under the 'Permissions' and check whether the permissions are applied to this role; 

  • You can add any roles by clicking the edit.

Q: How can I check the available Classes/Locations/Departments for a Subsidiary?

A: Find an appropriate list and see if there are any available options for the Subsidiary.

  • Navigate: Setup --> Company --> Locations (or other list)

Q: What if I edit Accounts or add a new account in NetSuite?

After setting the integration, you can import new accounts or update already integrated Accounts. 

Please note:

  • The Update button will only update integrated Accounts. So if you have some changes in, for example, Accounts names in NetSuite, you should press the Update button to make these changes display in Precoro.
  • The Import button imports deleted and new Accounts. So if you added a new Account in NetSuite, you should press the Import button to display it in Precoro. 

Note: deleted Accounts will be added to Precoro after importing. You can delete them manually. 

Q: How can I delete integrated options (Chart of Accounts / Classes / Projects)?

You can delete integrated options that are not needed for your procurement process. Just click the 'delete' button near the option on the Edit Custom Field page.

Q: Can I add the integrated supplier to the Supplier Portal?

You can use the Supplier Portal if your company is integrated with NetSuite. Suppliers from NetSuite can be matched with suppliers from the Supplier Portal. 

Please note: you cannot change the Supplier's Company Name, Phone, Tax Payer Number, Account Number, and Address fields in Precoro if they are integrated with NetSuite — we take all the data from there.

Invoices created in the Supplier Portal will be sent to NetSuite after your confirmation.

Q: How does timezone in my Precoro and NetSuite accounts affect the document date?

The document date in Precoro may not coincide with the document date in NetSuite if the time zones in accounts are different.

Please, set up the same time zones in Precoro and NetSuite when setting up an integration to avoid discrepancies.