This article will help you to understand the main functions of Products Custom Fields.

    Products Custom Fields are assigned to Products. Usually, this is the list of Charts of Accounts/Cost Centers or other custom fields. They can be used in your products from the catalog and budgets.

Types of Products Custom Fields:

 1. Select

If you set this type, you will be able to create and save the list of the company's Chart of Accounts/Cost Center options, and while adding products to the document, you will select a necessary option from the list of options you created. You can add codes and sub-levels to your options, as well as edit or delete ones.  

Here is how Products Custom Field with "Select" type looks:

Adding a product with "Select" type of Products Custom Field will look like this:

2. Text

This is an open text field available to fill out each time while adding a product. With this type, you are not able to create a preset list with options.

How it looks like:

You can use this type, for example, to specify a brand, project number, Machine/Vehicle #, add stock groups to products, etc.

3. Date

If you set this type, you will insert a specific date each time adding a product.

It looks like that:

This type can be also used for adding expected payment date, fox example. 

Configurations of Products Custom Fields:

  • Enable - means it is currently used by the company. You can disable Custom Field if it's not needed;

  • Required to select in products - means it will be a mandatory row in your product lines;

  • Show code on document pages in products - if this switch is on, codes will be shown in your documents in products;

  • Print in Excel & PDF documents - means that the field will be printed on Excel & PDF versions of Purchase Requisitions/Purchase Orders;.

You can also set up where your Products Custom Fields will be available to select in:

  • Available in the Purchase Orders / Receipts / Invoices / Warehouse Requests / Purchase Requisitions - means that the field will be available to fill out in the selected documents in product lines.

  • Available in the Budgets - means that you can tie your budget to the Custom Field.

Other functions of Products Custom Fields:

  • You can easily disable options in your Products Custom Fields if they are not needed anymore. As well as make them active again if necessary.

  • To save any changes in the option, you need to press the 'Save' button

You can read how to create and set up your Chart of Accounts/Cost Center here.