This article will help you to understand the main functions of Custom Fields for Products.


    Custom Fields for Products are assigned to the products. Usually, this is the list of Charts of Accounts/Cost Centers or other custom fields.

Types of Custom Fields for Products:

 1. Select

If you set this type, you will be able to create and save Chart of Accounts/Cost Center options, and while adding products to the document, you will select a necessary option from the list of options you created. You can add codes and sub-levels to your options, as well as edit or delete ones.  

Here how Custom Field for Products with "Select" type looks like:

Adding a product with "Select" type of Custom Field for Product will look like that:

2. Text

If you set this type, you will need to type a custom text each time while adding a product. With this type, you are not able to create a preset list with options.

How it looks like:

3. Date

If you set this type, you will insert a specific date each time adding a product.

It looks like that:

Configurations of Custom Fields for Documents:

  • Enable - means it is currently used by the company;
  • Required to select in products - means it will be a necessary row in your product lines;
  • Show code on document pages in products - if this switch is on, codes will be shown in your documents in products;
  • Print in Excel & PDF documents - means it will be shown in the downloaded from Precoro document.

You can also set up where your Custom Fields for Products will be available to select in:

  • Available in the Purchase Orders / Purchase Requisitions / Receipts / Invoices and any other document - means that you will be able to select or type value for this Custom Field for Products in that documents in product lines.
  • Available in the Budgets - means that you can set up your budgets depended on this Custom Field for Products.

Other functions of Custom Fields for Documents:

  • You can easily disable options in your Custom Fields for Products if they are not needed anymore. As well as make them active again if necessary.
  • To save any changes in the option, you need to press the 'Save' button

You can read how to create and set up your Chart of Accounts/Cost Center here.