Restoring Authy Access for a New, Lost, or Inaccessible Phone

If your phone has been lost, stolen, or is inaccessible because it’s broken in some way, Authy has options to restore access as quickly and securely as possible. These options vary depending upon the situation, so please match your scenario with the prescribed solutions below.

IMPORTANT RECOVERY NOTES: You may be contacted by Authy during the course of the process and the timeliness of your responses will impact the total time involved. Please monitor your email (including your spam folder) for emails from [email protected]

All identification information must be provided using the links that are sent to you. Sending them to Authy in any other format will not be accepted for security purposes.

In order to avoid future delays if your phone is lost/broken again, we recommend installing the Authy Desktop App as soon as you regain account access. For guidance please see Installing Authy Apps.

1. New Device and Same Phone Number, with Access to Another Configured Authy App

    If you get a new device, but keep your same phone number, AND have another Authy installation already configured for this number, you may be able to regain access without requesting an account recovery. If the Multi-Device option is enabled, you can just download and install the Authy app, and then enter your old phone number to regain access. You'll only need to confirm access to your account for the currently configured Authy device. If Multi-device is not enabled on your other Authy installation, enable it with the instructions here: Enable Authy Multi-Device.

2. New Device and Same Phone Number, but NO other Authy Apps are installed

    If you get a new or replacement phone and need to re-configure your Authy account, start the Account Recovery Process by going to Authy Recovery Page.

Please note: This process takes 24 hours and because of security protocols cannot be expedited. If you do not have backups enabled yet, please do so before starting the account recovery to ensure that you do not lose any tokens.

3. New Device and a New Phone Number

    If you need to update both your device AND your phone number, a different set of processes will apply. For more information, please see the Phone Number Change Process for Authy.